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Within the the RaIL-AiD Framework the SimHub Suite allows third party applications and modules to communicate with RaIL-AiD Desktop.

SimHub Suite (SHS) is made of:

  • SCL – Client Library
  • SCH – Communication Hub
  • SSM – Suite Manager

For a detailed description of these three components please see below.


Client Library (SCL)

  • communication protocols and libraries (C, C++, C#, …) with the simulation HUB
  • data structures (C, C++, C#, …) storing the messages exchanged with the simulation HUB

Communication Hub (SCH)

  • Manages asynchronous messaging between the different nodes
  • supports message queuing, delivery acknowledgement, flexible routing to different nodes, message logging

Suite Manager (SSM)

  • Graphical interface allowing the scenarios definition, message inspection and debugging, report creation, fault-injection and message corruptions, recording and play-back of simulation scenarios



  • Testing 
  • Analysis of all exchanged data
  • Recording/replay of the simulation