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From this page you have the possibility to freely download RaIL-AiD Demo, a fully functional version of RaIL-AiD Desktop, comprehensive of:

  • Drawing Board, to easily create with few clicks a complete Schematic Plan
  • Data Manager, to equip the Schematic Plan with custom attributes and properties
  • BackGround Importer, to load a blueprint image of an already existing Schematic Plan to retrace
  • PDF/PNG/CSV Exporter, to export the Schematic Plan
  • Route Manager, to compute and visualize all the routes present in the Schematic Plan
  • railML® 3.1 Importer / Exporter (*), for a full interoperability with third-party apps and tools

… and much more!

Please note that RaIL-AiD Demo allows the user to create Schematic Plans with a maximum number of Switches / Crossings = 10.  If you would like to remove this limitation, please consider joining our REAP community.

(*) please note that RaIL-AiD will be undergoing the railML® certification process shortly, so far the railML® 3.1 exported files are not yet certified

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RaIL-AiD Early Adoption Programs (REAPs)

RaIL-AiD is currently under finalization, the download of its latest version, fully functional and with no switch limitations, is available free of any charge for the  RaIL-AiD Early Adoption Programs (REAPs) members.

There are two different RaIL-AiD Early Adoption Programs:

  • REAP: directed at industrial clients
  • REAP-A: targeted for the Academy world (Universities and Research Organizations)

The purpose of these programs is to gather valuable feedback/suggestions/advices from the user’s point of view in order to improve the tools itself and to add new functionalities. REAPs are based on a Collaboration Tool for Project and Issue Management (Redmine) and allow detailed specification of issues, including any affected plugin(s).

In case of industrial clients, in exchange of their test and evaluation effort, REAP members are rewarded with a discount on the first product license fee, in case they would like to subscribe one.

If you want to join our REAP community, please use our contact form or write to rail-aid-info@rail-aid.com.