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The RaIL-AiD ERTMS-Sim Bundle (ESB) uses the RaIL-AiD Desktop simulation facilities and the SimHub Suite to display run-time the ERTMS train data and the train movement over a user-defined topology.

To reach this goal, the following RaIL-AiD Plugins have been implemented:

  • SimHub Connector to receive dynamic data (MA, position, routes, train data, field elements status etc.) from all the players (RBC, IXL, trains, etc)
  • RBC Bridge to export the railway layout data to the RBC
  • EVC Bridge to visualize the train position in the given layout and other train data
  • IXL Bridge to export the railway layout data to the IXL

Single Train + IXL Simulation

In this video it is possible to view a run-time single train movement on a simple topology. The simulation has been carried out with RaIL-AiD ESB receiving data from an IXL that sends route authorizations and a ERTMS L2 Train simulator communicating with a RBC.

The “spring effect” of the train (shortening and elongation) is due to the fact that the plan of the layout is not in scale, while the train length is fixed.

Multiple trains + IXL + RBC Simulation

This video shows the movement of multiple trains on a more complex topology: it is possible to view the run-time train movements (pink trains), the Movement Authorities sent by the RBC (green lines), the routes enabled by the IXL (white lines), the occupation state of the Track Circuits (red lines), the Level Crossings operational state (purple = open, green = closed)
It is also possible to see a moving panel on the train showing some relevant ERTMS data such as the train Id and the train speed.