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RaIL-AiD railML® Adaptation (RAB) is the first RaIL-AiD bundle that has been created.

It consists of a series of plugins that use the static and dynamic data exchanged with the Core to:

  • View and compute all possible routes in the layout
  • Import/Export the railway layout and data details in railML® 3.1 format (*)
  • Export the railway layout in pdf/png/jpg/svg formats
  • Export the railway data details in .csv format

(*) Please note that RaIL-AiD is currently undergoing railML® certification process. Until certification by railML.org has been successfully completed, we ask you to use railML® 3.1 export only in accordance with the license terms.

railML® Import / Export Example Process

This movie shows the modeling procedure of a track plan, given in input to RaIL-AiD as a .png image. In particular, the following steps are described:

  1. Import Schematic Plan Background
  2. Draw the Schematic Plan
  3. Equip the Schematic Plan (set object attributes)
  4. Save the Schematic Plan as test1.railaid
  5. Export the Schematic Plan in railML® 3.1
  6. Validate the exported Schematic Plan with railVivid(*)
  7. Import the Schematic Plan in railML® 3.1
  8. Save the imported Schematic Plan as test2.railaid
  9. Compare the files to check that no information is lost during import/export

(*)  for more information please visit https://www.railml.org/en/user/railvivid.html


Route Manager

The Route Manager plugin allows the user to immediately identify and view all the routes of a given track plan.

A route is defined as a track path between two library objects marked as route terminators. The user can differentiate the routes in different categories by choosing the route terminator for each category in the configuration file.

The Route Manager plugin opens a window listing all the possible routes with the relative properties: by selecting a route in the list, it is automatically shown as an highlighted path in the track plan.

CSV Exporter

The CSV Exporter plugin allows the user to export all the track-plan data in CSV format.

Every entity type is exported in a different file and each file’s header includes metadata whose fields can be set by the user.

It is also possible to easily exclude entities from the export for a complete customization of the exported file.

Image Exporter

The Image Exporter plugin allows the user to export the track-plan drawing in PDF/ PNG / JPEG / SVG formats.

The colours of the exported file can be set by the user as far as railway tracks, railway entities and  background colour are concerned.

Through the use of layers it is possible to choose the entities to export in the image for a completely customizable drawing export.

RailML® Importer / Exporter

The railML® Importer / Exporter plugin allows RaIL-AiD to import/export the track-plan in railML® format. It manages both the railML® <infrastructure>and the<interlocking> schema, parsing and saving the exported data in  version railML® 3.1.

In particular, the railML® Importer / Exporter plugin allows:

  • Automatic valorization and export of infrastructure and topological elements
  • Automatic valorization and export of  interlocking and signalling components consistent with the underlying Infrastructure Schema
  • Routes recognition and export
  • Import of railML® 3.1 files