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What is a RaIL-AiD Bundle?

The RaIL-AiD Core functionalities can be complemented and expanded using a variety of Plugins, which are able to interface the Core through static and dynamic data structures and API functions.

The set composed by the RaIL-AiD Core and a specific collection of RaIL-AiD Plugins forms a RaIL-AiD Bundle.

RaIL-AiD Plugins feature specific functionalities and can be user-oriented. It is therefore possible to enrich the Plugins’ library with ad-hoc functionalities for the user exclusive needs.

The following list shows some examples of RaIL-AiD Plugins that can be implemented:

  • Custom output file format generator plugin
  • IXL Data Configuration plugin
  • ERTMS Data Configuration plugin
  • Traffic management plugin
  • Test, debug and Simulation plugin(test creator, test logger, data recording, etc.)
  • Third party app communication plugin
  • Data acquisition (from field or simulators) and replay plugin

RaIL-AiD Bundles

So far three RaIL-AiD Bundles have been implemented.

Each of them makes use of specific facilities made available by the RaIL-AiD Core. Just click on the links to check the details.