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RaIL-AiD railML® 3.1 exporter has been certified by railML.org!

New downloads available! The latest demo version of RaIL-AiD Desktop (v1.1.9) with a lot of new features and the new version of RaIL-AiD Object Modeler (v0.9.8) are now available for downloadFor more details, please contact us.

What is RaIL-AiD?


RaIL-AiD (Railway Infrastructure and Layout Aided Designer) is a powerful and versatile framework designed by NEAT that simplifies several processes related to the railway signalling systems modeling, managing phases such as:

  • Layout Definition
  • Wayside Configuration Data (WCD)
  • Third-party WCD verification
  • Simulation Environment
  • Testing Facilities
  • Debug Instruments

Target Users

RaIL-AiD is designed to support:

  • the Railway Application Engineers during both the descending (design) and ascending (verification) phases of the EN50126 V-cycle(*), by allowing the reuse of the design and configuration task effort as a starting point for simulation and verification purposes
  • the Signalling Project Engineers in trackside data preparation for IXL and ERTMS systems, by simplifying the railway infrastructure planning process automating the tedious and time-consuming operations of producing consistent railway drawings and objects attributes
  • the Railway Dispatchers and Operators in monitoring and controlling train operations and in handling route, transport and traffic management tasks, by providing a clear overview of all transport control systems processes

RaIL-AiD has a modular architecture that enables the deployment of targeted solutions (bundles) completely customizable according to the user’s needs.

(*)  T3 certification according to EN50128:2011 foreseen on product roadmap

Design Key Features

  • Easy to use and completely customizable: just a few clicks to get a complex, fully equipped and error-free track layout
  • Import/Export of standard file formats such as railML® offers complete and instant compatibility with a wide range of third-party applications
  • Specifically designed for railway signalling and infrastructure managers, it boosts the setup of the whole track plan avoiding the technicalities of a general-purpose CAD tool

Simulation Key Features

  • Customizable user-friendly graphical interface allowing the user/tester to reuse the design task effort as a starting point for simulation purpose (e.g. CTC/HMI environment)
  • Objects dynamic data management by exposing control / command interfaces for the configured objects
  • Debug environment for a third-party app: the modular architecture allows the user to integrate dedicated modules that can be seamlessly incorporated into the program


RaIL-AiD supports railML Project

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RailML.org is a development partnership of independent businesses and institutions for the development and consolidation of the railML® schemas.

For more information, please visit railML® website.