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RaIL-AiD is a designing tool aimed to support the user during most of the steps of the EN50126/50128/50129 V-Cycle.

RaIL-AiD is a versatile tool that ca be used for many processes, such as:

  • Designing
  • Configuration
  • Verification
  • Simulation
  • Testing
  • Debug
RaIL-AiD Screen

RaIL-AiD as configuration environment

  • Bypasses the technicalities of a general purpose CAD tool
  • Lets the railway engineer concentrate on the more “precious” railway design core tasks
  • Has a very short learning curve
  • Avoids design common errors
  • Boosts the design of complex track layouts
  • Simplifies the setup and equipment of the whole track plan
  • Can be easily customized according to the country/region specifications
  • Is interoperable with other tools and applications thanks to railML®

RaIL-AiD as simulation environment

  • Gives customizable user-friendly graphical interface to the user/tester
  • Allows to reuse the design and configuration task effort as a starting point for simulation purpose (e.g. CTC/HMI environment)
  • Allows dynamic data management of the configured static objects
  • Exposes control/command interfaces for configured static objects
  • Provides a debug environment for a third-party app