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The RaIL-AiD SimTest bundle uses the RaIL-AiD Core graphical interface facilities to command and control the Equipment Under Test (EUT) and the related simulators needed to stimulate the EUT.

To reach this goal, the following RaIL-AiD Plugins have been implemented:

  • Bidirectional communication with EUT through sockets
  • Bidirectional communication with Simulators through sockets
  • Test script creator environment
  • Automatic test execution (e.g. non-regression test)
  • Test logger

Test environment

In the image below it is possible to see a test environment architecture proposal where the RaIL-AiD SimTest Bundle interact both with the EUT and the Simulators.

In order to test the EUT the RaIL-AiD SimTest Bundle offers to the user facilities to:

  • write test scripts
  • automatically execute test scenarios (single mode or batch mode)
  • perform fault-injection (if foreseen by the EUT or the Simulators)
  • manage UDP socket to communicate with EUT and Simulators
  • log test execution and results