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The RaIL-AiD EVCSim bundle uses the RaIL-AiD Core simulation facilities to display run-time the ERTMS train data and the train movement over a user-defined topology.

To reach this goal, the following RaIL-AiD Plugins have been implemented:

  • Import of a third-party railway layout data
  • Socket management to receive dynamic data (MA, position, velocity, train id, etc.) from train simulator
  • Visualization the train data in the given layout
  • Use of customized symbol palette for the target market
  • Creation of log reporting train position and other data

Run-time Simulation

In the video it is possible to view a run-time train movement with some relevant ERTMS data. The simulation has been realized with RaIL-AiD EVCSim receiving data via UDP socket from an ERTMS L2 Train simulator communicating with a RBC.

The “spring effect” of the train (shortening and elongation) is due to the fact that the plan of the layout is not in scale, while the train length is fixed.