Railway Infrastructure and Layout Aided Designer

RaIL-AiD (Railway Infrastructure and Layout Aided Designer) is a OS-independent software tool developed by NEAT, for drawing and visualizing fully equipped railway track plans, and for easily editing, checking and exporting the relative objects properties in different formats (e.g. railML®, Subset 112, pdf, csv, html).

RaIL-AiD simplifies the railway infrastructure planning process by automating the tedious and time-consuming operations of producing consistent railway drawings and objects attributes. Moreover, thanks to smart topological constraints and automatic object connections, design errors are effectively minimized during the project modelling and review phases.

The data produced by our software can be used as an input for Interlocking, RBC and HMI configuration tools.

RaIL-AiD Features
  • Fast and easy railroad track design
  • Reduction of design errors by means of smart topological constraints and object connections
  • Comprehensive and highly customizable symbols library
  • View and modify single object properties
  • Simultaneous overview of all railway object properties
  • Mass editing on all the selected railway objects and attributes
  • Smart search and filters on all the selected railway objects and attributes
  • Import a target background image and build railML® from just a sketch
  • Multiple layers management
  • Export of railway layout and data details in different formats (pdf/csv/excel/Subset 112/railML®)
  • Smart track analysis: Route recognition and Signal Aspects Calculator

RaIL-AiD supports railML®

RailML.org is a development partnership of independent businesses and institutions for the development and consolidation of the railML® schemas.
For more information, please visit railML® website.

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Download RaIL-AiD Overview

RaIL-AiD Contact

For more informations, please contact us: rail-aid-info@rail-aid.com